A Minority Educational Institution.
Formed under Article 29 & 30 of the Constitution of India.
Notified in the official Gazette of India.


Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objective of the Council of Boards of Madarsa Education are as under.

  1. THE COUNCIL OF BOARDS OF MADARSA EDUCATION will be a Council of Boards of Madarsa Education.
  2. Work for curriculum reform by introducing like Computer, Mathematics, Science, Urdu, English And Arabic for the betterment of Madarsa education.
  3. To act as Bureau of information and facilitate communication in Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  4. To act as coordinating and services agency amongst Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  5. To act as inter Board organization and as a representative of Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  6. To provide a forum to Madarsas and Madarsa Boards to discuss issues of mutual interests.
  7. To promote and modernize Madarsa Education and to extend necessary help to member Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  8. To start Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses on the pattern of CBSE/NCERT/NIOS for the students of Madarsa.
  9. To conduct public examination of Secondary and Senior Secondary classes for the students of Madarsas alongwith their main courses and issue of certificate for promotion of school education.
  10. To suggest Madarsas and Madarsa Boards to introduce Vocational /Professional /Technical courses alongwith main courses, so that the pass out students may become self dependent after completion of their courses from Madarsa.
  11. To suggest Madarsas and Madarsa Boards to start job oriented trade courses alongwith main course.
  12. To suggest madarsas and Madarsa Boards to prepare syllabus of different courses of Madarsa with inclusion of latest Professional/Vocational/Technical subjects alongwith main course which should be under the guidelines of National Education Policy, 1986 and according to National Curriculum Frame Work.
  13. To work for curriculum reforms by introducing subject like Hindi, English, Urdu, Science, Maths, Computer etc. in the Madarsa of India.
  14. To provide academic support to Madarsas and Madarsa Boards of India on getting and maintaining of modern subjects.
  15. To interact with NCERT/CBSE/NIOS/NUEPA and other Govt. agencies for improving quality of Madarsa education.
  16. To work for linkage of all Madarsas and Madarsa Boards about their courses, duration eligibility criteria, fee structure etc. and eligibility criteria for doing further courses from other Universities/ Institutions/ Board after completion of their courses from Madarsa.
  17. To tell member Madarsas and Madarsa Boards of India about various welfare schemes of Govt. of India/State Governments relating to Madarsa.
  18. To suggest Madarsas and Madarsa Boards to submit detailed proposals relating to the enhancement of salary/allowances to the teachers of Madarsa at par with the Govt. approved pay scales and other development proposals for the betterment of Madarsa education.
  19. To pursue the proposal received from the Madarsas and Madarsa Boards with the Govt. of India/State Government for getting regular financial aid for teacher's salary, merit-cum-means scholarship to the students, essential food package programme and for other allied services of Madarsa such as maintenance of library and Computer labs etc.
  20. To publish quality magazines and Journals regularly having the details of Madarsa courses their duration, examination/ evaluation system etc for the benefit of students and teacher of Madarsa.
  21. To establish and maintain organization dealing with the activities for the betterment of Madarsa teachers and students.
  22. To work as a coordinating agency between the Government, Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  23. To provide a common platform to its members and to monitor action taken on the suggestions extended by the Association.
  24. To run courses on regular, open and distance mode.
  25. To work for promoting girls education within Madarsas and Madarsa Boards.
  26. To help its member to undertake periodical survey.
  27. To establish and maintain a sports organization amongst member Madarsa Boards.
  28. To respond the issues of National concern like disaster management.
  29. To offer consultancy to its members in resolving any pending issues.
  30. To suggest member Madarsas and Madarsa Boards for implementing essential scheme of Govt. of India for imparting primary school education up to the age of 14 years.
  31. Any other work in achieving aim and objectives of the society in promoting quality Madarsa education in India.

News & Events

“Council of Boards of Madarsa Education” has been established by an all India Society registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Govt. of India which is a Minority Educational Institution formed under Article 29 and 30 of the constitution of India. Council of Boards of Madarsa Education is an autonomous body, registered with Ministry of HRD and Planning Commission, Govt. of India."

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